Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jungle Action!!

This is actually a lot less sexual than the title would lead you to believe.  A lot.

This is a commission I just got finished with, for the terrific Mr. Andrew Allen.  The commission is a cover recreation, based on the art of the legendary Gil Kane, of Black Panther #25.  Mr. Allen has several more such recreations on his page Andrew Allen @ Comic Art Fans.  He was kind enough to provide a little collection of work through shots, starting with how he laid out the titles, to my initial layout.  And then from Pencils to inks and inks to added titles for a preview of the finished work.

I had ton of fun doing this and it was a welcome break from all the animating and digital artwork.  Putting pen to paper is very challenging but far more rewarding when it comes out well.  When it doesn't, I am often left wishing I had command-z on my paper. Thankfully, this was smooth sailing.

I hope you enjoy taking a peak as much as I did doing the piece.

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