Thursday, February 17, 2011

Flash Stuff

So as you all probably know by now, almost all of my clean ups and color work are done in Flash now. And considering my new job is nothing but flash animation, I just keep learning new 'secrets'. Anyhoo, here is a breakdown of one of my latest.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Art Dump 5

This is it ladies and gents! These are simply some caricatures and cartoon sketches. Until next time...

Art Dump 4

These are a few works in progress. The pirate and the aborigine are a part of a tv series I hope to get off the ground here fairly soon. The bottom is a canned project; we mustn't speak its name! The final product of each is still waiting in the wings(except for the last one. Weren't you paying attention?).

...I think I'm gonna make the Hulks dance.

Art Dump 3

...These are all simply me tooling around with different styles. The Alan Scott GL picture however, was for ComicBreak after I lampooned the new costume saying it was 1 step away from Liefeld's garbage. So I of course had to draw the lampoon. I couldn't simply talk about it. ...I was told the gun needed to be bigger and he needed more pouches. The other critique was that the anatomy was too good for a Liefeld picture. Sorry to disappoint, I don't know how to get that bad. lol The last two were to assuage my Street Fighter kick. Enjoy!

Art Dump Part 2

...More artwork from the bar. I did these over the summer while a rep from ToonBoom was teaching us all how to become bigger bad asses. He was Canadian. With GSP and Wolverine, that makes 3 Canadian bad asses and that's simply too many for a country like that. lol He had seen me animate but he hadn't gotten to see my more comic driven work. He liked it. Hopefully you do too.

Art Dump

So.... It's been a little bit and It's time to drop a bomb of sorts. With all the work from my new job I haven't gotten to post anything in a while so this is going to be quite a bit. I'm going to start with artwork I did randomly in a local bar that I go to with a fellow animator.