Monday, October 19, 2009

This is a picture of Solomon Kane that I did after seeing the sketch challenge over at I didn't see it until too late. Oh well, that seems to happen a lot. Take care!

So the last ton of posts and the bunch that will come have all been me sketching to sketch in between classes while trying to graduate. Its a good thing I am going into the art world, I don't think the corporate world is interested in me doodling in company meetings. Anyhow, this is a sketch I plan to paint.

These are the facets of my wife's psyche in Care Bear form...

yes, I'm the sane one.

Marvel heroes and villains! This is what I draw in the hallways between and during classes when I don't have time to do the projects that matter.


...And the death of Sponge-Bob. It makes me so happy. :)