Thursday, March 26, 2009

I finally got some time to ink this pic.  Hope ya dig!!  Oh yeah, colors are comin'!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dark Reign

This story line has such a promising cast of characters and possibilities.  I just hope they don't rush it and take all the flavor out of it like they did with Secret Invasion.  There just wasn't enough time to marinate on the characters and concepts.  Oh well, better luck next time Marvel.

As for the picture, this is just a few of my favs from this awesome series(I started this pic after the one shot and have proceeded to take as long as possible on it apparently).  Its still a WIP so I'll post the finished version when it comes.  Thanks for checkin' in ya'll.

Faces only a mother could love!

I did these three in about 30 minutes the other night.  I used to use that oval shit they teach in the "How to Draw Comics" books but those don't really ever help you flesh out characters so now I flesh them out using a technique I was introduced to by my "Drawing for Animation" Professor and it has really helped me.  These are 'over rendered'(compared to my natural style) pictures but I like how they turned out.  So enjoy these ugly suckers!!!

Scarlet Who?

I did this at work the other week ago during my break.  Not too sure if I'm going to pursue it passed a sketch but you never know.  And yes...  Its Scarlet Spider-Man.  Vest Jacket FTW!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

COLOR!!!!  I'm doing pretty good here.  I'm impressed with myself(I can't actually believe I am keeping this thing updated!).  Anyhoo, here is a piece fresh off the drawing table.  This is for my sisty ugler, Bonnie(she kicks ass, literally and figuratively).  Joker and Harley.  I love them.  Fuck Mary Jane and Petey Parker; Joker and Har are the real comics couple!  I tried to mix markers and  water colors to varying success.  Next time, no markers.

The second piece was my final in my digital painting class.  I don't think its finished yet, but I can't quite figure out what it needs(the project was to design a pan-able BG for an animation sequence ala the expansive desert in those road runner cartoons).  If you have an idea, let me know.  Take care ya'll! 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I did this Captain America a while back when I was stuck at home without my pencils(I was forced to use a normal 2b!!!!!!  Blasphemy!!!!!!!!)  So I inked it to correct some issues and then colored it for fun.  We call my Dad, Captain America, so this is for him.


So here is a fixed version of the Batman/Venom picture and another from my Father's wicked mind of the joker.  My Mom always used to beg me to draw more characters that were smiling rather than killing shit...  Here you go, Mom...  He's smiling.