Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jungle Action!!

This is actually a lot less sexual than the title would lead you to believe.  A lot.

This is a commission I just got finished with, for the terrific Mr. Andrew Allen.  The commission is a cover recreation, based on the art of the legendary Gil Kane, of Black Panther #25.  Mr. Allen has several more such recreations on his page Andrew Allen @ Comic Art Fans.  He was kind enough to provide a little collection of work through shots, starting with how he laid out the titles, to my initial layout.  And then from Pencils to inks and inks to added titles for a preview of the finished work.

I had ton of fun doing this and it was a welcome break from all the animating and digital artwork.  Putting pen to paper is very challenging but far more rewarding when it comes out well.  When it doesn't, I am often left wishing I had command-z on my paper. Thankfully, this was smooth sailing.

I hope you enjoy taking a peak as much as I did doing the piece.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


As unimaginative as this is, I wish I could say had enough imagination to come up with the idea. Unfortunately, some drunk on Ten Ton Studios did. As part of their sketch challenge, each artist had to mix a character with the Stone of Cytorak(sp?), creating any number of strange and exciting combinations of Juggernaut! Mine? Imagine this... Frank Castle, the Punisher, gains the stone, turning him into the unstoppable force known as the JUGGERNAUT and uses these powers to more easily get at bad guys through big doors and shoot them! You may be asking why he still has guns. Well, venom has body armor and a rifle right now so I blame stupidity passed on to me by unimaginative writers at Marvel. ZING!

The Escape

Last Weekend, I got to escape my common bonds and travel with my sister to go see my brother for a family break of sorts. During my break I got to put pencil to paper, something I have been neglecting to do lately because of my job. All of my art is digital at, so going commando with no undo button to rely on was a little weird. The transition was rocky at first. The art obviously got stronger as I drew and I realized how much I missed the tactile. So here is some art from the weekend, the good with the bad, with much more to come in the future.