Saturday, January 14, 2012

Nerd Rods

I felt inspired this morning to do a take on my friend's new logo for his car shop. Formerly Hot Rod Jim's, Nerd Rods combines old classics with all the advances new cars have without compromising that classic feel you get from that old Muscle Car you have adored since you were 16(or dreamed about since you were sixteen, like me).

Hope you enjoy it!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Darkness II Challenge

Apparently, deviant art has decided most people aren't old enough to view the gore in this sequential. But I think its good for you. Ya know? It builds character.

And now, a new version, that is hopefully better than the original. The simply story behind this sequential is that after a god 20 hours of work into it, Adobe Flash Professional(the shittiest software on earth, go fuck yourself Adobe) decided that my work was worth destroying. I had a myriad of random lines added, and a ton of lines and shapes removed. My work was destroyed and I had a little over 6 hours to the deadline. So I started over and did the best I could with what wasn't destroyed. So now I have added a few things I had planned to from the beginning and fixed a few others. There is a line of obscenities hanging over Lake Austin that may simply never dissipate. It's worthy of its own dirty book, written by me. However, I am fairly happy with what came out, regardless of the insanity.