Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dazzler upgraded to... Roller Blades?

Damned straight! Its the only way to beat the Juggernaut. Those four wheelers just ain't gonna cut it.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010

God of War III

I am hella excited about this game and I absolutely have no idea why. First off, I still haven't beat the first game and second, I don't have a new enough console to play it. Regardless... Looks awesome!! Get amped with me all of you retro gamers that are too lazy/cheap to get the new gear! We'll play this game 4 years from now when the PS3 costs $129 new!

Friday, March 26, 2010

John Carter, Warlord of Mars

Obviously the coolest character ever created, John Carter taught me everything I needed to know about space when I was young.
A: That since mars apparently has stronger gravity, we would be more powerful... on the same planet...
B: There are three women total on Mars. All of whom are hella hot and half dressed.
and C: I wanted to be the second man on Mars. Three chicks, two guys... Awesome ratio.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ghost Rider!!!!

I finally finished this. This was a break project that got out of hand. I really like this one and hate it at the same time, its my "Red-Headed Step Child" picture. I hope you all enjoy the ride!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Who likes shoulder rides?

Pyramid head does!!! And why wouldn't he? Nobody can resist shoulder rides.

Paper Sack Serial Killer's Best Bud...

This is a companion character for the story I will be doing involving the "Paper Sack Serial Killer" from an earlier pic I posted here. One arm is indeed bigger than the other, your eyes do not deceive you and while I did that on purpose it is going to be a royal pain in the petunia to draw them different sizes consistently. Contrary to popular belief, its easier to draw symmetric art work.

I modeled this dude for fun after a note my wife left me. I tend to call her "Bear" and in the morning, when she is groggy, "Evil Bear". In any case, she left me a note telling me to have a nice day with a stick figure bear with vampire teeth, so I turned it into the mask of a serial killer. YAY!

You don't get to know more than that until the first few pages come out. Then you will get a gist of the story and still won't get to see the two serial killers. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


Takin' a break...

Chris Sanders finally updated his site and between projects I decided to head over and drool. Long story short, a little later I got stuck on a project and decided to switch gears for a moment and this happened. Damn, Chris' style is pimp.

Colors and outlines: Mua
Original Pencils: Chris Sanders

Sunday, March 14, 2010

What did mom make you for lunch?

"...A big ol' bag o' murder. You?"

This is from an upcoming story. Technically this is just a sketch page gone wrong(7" x 10"), but it fits the character just fine. Besides a few shortcomings on the perspective, I don't really mind it too much(I'm still learning and always will be). I'm just happy to have my scanner up and going so I can continue to post the garbage that is rattling around in my head. Woo Hoo!!!