Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Batman du nu nu nu nu nu Batman!!!!!   And he got eaten by venom...  Ew.  I was tooling around on a few sites and found a competition where you had to draw another character as venom.  And being that I am unimaginative and only had 1 hr to do it, this is what I came up with.  The second(original) is normal pencils(which I plan to add to later) and the first is an inked scan(as fast as humanly possible so it didn't turn out like i had hoped.)  Anyway, back to the drawing board!!!

Here is a bunch of cartooned junk from me.  I was stuck on the ranch several months back and had left my mechanical pencil in the city(I can't live without it/or draw without it) and I was forced to use an old lead pencil!!!  'GASP'!  And these are what it poisoned my pages with.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Discount Electronics: Austin, TX

Hey all.  When I am not on the streets fighting crime I am indoors selling computers at Discount Electronics and recently I was asked to redesign our store's logo character(a mouse, the animal, as a play on words with 'mouse and keyboard', not an animal) for our work shirts.  Anyway, this is my favorite of the bunch(which got passed on.)   I'll post the final they chose, from me, in a bit.  

Edit:  Apparently one of our girls vetoed the vote and decided this needed to be a shirt(I probably should have edited this a while ago but oh well).  Sweet!!!  I gots me one too!