Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Paper Sack Serial Killer's Best Bud...

This is a companion character for the story I will be doing involving the "Paper Sack Serial Killer" from an earlier pic I posted here. One arm is indeed bigger than the other, your eyes do not deceive you and while I did that on purpose it is going to be a royal pain in the petunia to draw them different sizes consistently. Contrary to popular belief, its easier to draw symmetric art work.

I modeled this dude for fun after a note my wife left me. I tend to call her "Bear" and in the morning, when she is groggy, "Evil Bear". In any case, she left me a note telling me to have a nice day with a stick figure bear with vampire teeth, so I turned it into the mask of a serial killer. YAY!

You don't get to know more than that until the first few pages come out. Then you will get a gist of the story and still won't get to see the two serial killers. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!



Mike Exner III said...

That is a killer design. I like all the little details like the brass knucks with blood oozing from them, the spurs, etc. I'm kind of confused about the two holes on his midriff, though. Is that clothing?

Tyler Richlen AKA OZ! said...

It was supposed to be bullet holes in his vest but my wife also had trouble with this. She assumed the shoulder straps were apart of a gun holster and not a BP Vest. I'll have to rework that. Oops.