Monday, January 2, 2012

Darkness II Challenge

Apparently, deviant art has decided most people aren't old enough to view the gore in this sequential. But I think its good for you. Ya know? It builds character.

And now, a new version, that is hopefully better than the original. The simply story behind this sequential is that after a god 20 hours of work into it, Adobe Flash Professional(the shittiest software on earth, go fuck yourself Adobe) decided that my work was worth destroying. I had a myriad of random lines added, and a ton of lines and shapes removed. My work was destroyed and I had a little over 6 hours to the deadline. So I started over and did the best I could with what wasn't destroyed. So now I have added a few things I had planned to from the beginning and fixed a few others. There is a line of obscenities hanging over Lake Austin that may simply never dissipate. It's worthy of its own dirty book, written by me. However, I am fairly happy with what came out, regardless of the insanity.

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