Sunday, October 3, 2010

Digital Inking

Hey howdy howdy ya'll! I had been tooling around with the notion of inking my work digitally to save on time and white out/white paint. The other day I began tooling around with a rather intense pic I did a while back of Lion-O throwing down with his team turned ZOMBIES! I know. How passe. Regardless, here is how it came out. Its far from perfect, but this is definitely the route I will be going for my comics since I have to squeeze them out as fast as possible(thank you day job and school). I see a lot of potential in this technique, especially considering how I tend to do my pencils, so its all ahead full and hope for the best!

Ba-dea Ba-dea, Ba-dea, That's all folks!


Isaac Bidwell said...

looks good man. i think you just need a little line depth to take it from good to really bad ass.

Tyler Richlen AKA OZ! said...

Definitely a work in progress. I actually found little things here and there as I was posting it that I felt compelled to fix. It must have taken 5 uploads before I got it to look even passable lol. Line weights will definitely be a key focus. One of the hardest parts is getting the right zoom and brush thickness to get what you want and be consistent. I'll post my first few pages in a bit(hopefully Heavy Metal picks them up again).