Saturday, November 7, 2009


Ares is a character that I am not sure marvel has figured out what to do with yet. His mini was incredibly awesome but so far he has been turned into the angry version of Wonderman for the Dark Avengers comic. With fluctuating power levels and bad-ass to not so bad-ass stories and actions, I wish they would get a writer in there who would focus on the characters as much as they do the overall story plan. Anyhoo, I dig him so here he is in all his sketch-i-fied glory.

And then, of course, I also have Franky. This was done a month ago but you get to see it now. I have been mulling over a Frankenstein story for a while now and when I had the chance to draw Frankenstein for TTS's sketch challenge, I decided to do my story's version. More on the story later... Just know that it involves the fifties, Austria, Einstein and Heidi. Oh yeah!

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