News and Contact Information

News: is dying, and with that, I will be jumping back into the freelance world.  I am versed in traditional animation, flash and toonboom.  Let me know if you need anything!

For commission questions and freelance work, or anything else, you can contact me at:

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and Cheery Holdiays abound!  At this time I am taking commissions!

Pencil art: $30 Dollars
Add a character: +20(per character, I will make deals on teams)
Inks: +40
Digital Colors: (traditional art comes with a high res digital copy for your printing pleasure) +55

Any artwork to be used for commercial use will be charged differently.  

Pencil test(Sketched keyframes for flow testing): $40 per second of animation.
Key framing(high end pencil art): $30 per frame
Animation shot on 2s at 24fps: $120 per second
Animation shot on 1s at 24fps: $240 per second
Full color digital animation(no BG) at 24fps: $120 per second(due to design and rigging)
Full color digital animation(with BG) at 24fps: $240 per second